Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Sometimes we lack peace of mind,
We feel lost and unsettled,
We feel like every thing is happening with us in mind
To push us off balance,
 To frustrate us,
To make us unhappy,
and we forget to live every moment in time,
simply rushing and in our heads only thoughts of
the regrets of things we never did or did,
the hurts of the past
or simply thoughts of future plans,
completely choosing to deny the present the recognition and attention it deserves.
And we are in this persistent cycle of
 one unhappy minute to another,
Bound by the laws of a sick routine,
And the worst part is...
we don't know exactly what we subject ourselves to when we don't live the moment right before us.

How beautiful would it be
if we chose to breath the air and take in the moment with all with have
to give the person we are talking to all the attention when they speak
To think through what a teacher is saying the moment they speak
how peaceful would it be
if we tried to free our minds of all worry and simply lived the present
Hard as it may seem
There is nothing wrong with trying
Am inclined to mention God because He is the basis of my beliefs and all that I am
And when you give a try to something and take the first step
He most definately moves in

Saturday, 20 April 2013


*He is in control by Virginia Kamau*
Had a conversation with God in the morning,
I told Him all am wanting,
all am needing,
I told Him how I love Him,
how I am so lost without Him,
I told Him my hopes and dreams,
I told Him my hurts and pains,
I opened up to Him,
I was before Him,
... I let Him know how I feel.

I promised to be good,
to not forget little thngs that count alot,
I askd Him to help me,
to guide me,
I asked Him for so much.
I put my trust in Him.

He is my God my friend,
We talk every morning,
every time,
He loves me so much
It's a feeling I wouldn't trade for a anything.

He lets me cry,
lets me weep,
express myself,
my hidden emotions,
Be me,
He cares and protects,
and guides me,
I am so at peace because,

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Even When all Seems Lost

Even when all seems lost,
When you put your trust in God,
When you believe and obey the Lord,
When you desire to be in his presence,
When you want to know HIm more,
And seek Him with al your heart,
whether you are happy or sad,
 Whether your day is good or bad,
When you resolve to do HIs will,

When you choose to be good,
To worship HIm to praise HIm,
When you refuse to give up,
ON prayers and reading the Bible,
When like Jacob you beg God to bless you,
And talk to Him all night through,
He eventually will come through for you,

Everything will fall in place,
You will be relaxed Knowing that,
He is in controll,
You will find peace that surpurses al;l understanding,
You will find a friend a Dad,
The Holy Spirit will gude you,
He will show you the way,
Help you make choices, the best in every way,
You will understand,
What this joy people talk about is,
The joy of the Lord,
Will abide in you all through.

YOu will understand what it means,
to read the Bible and hear God,
speaking to you and counselling you,
You will understand what salvation is,
You will be strong and happy,
For He is with you all day.
You will have a reason to smile everyday,
For all your worries will be tsken care of,
by Christ the LOrd

You wil find your purporse,
You will know and understand,
that it is God who rules the world,
who takes care of Universe,
who knows what your future is like,
who changes and guides,
you will know the true meaning of life,
of a fulfilling life,
YOu will be the boy, Girl, Man, Woman,
He created you to be.

My BLack Barbie, Bee Bee

When I was young,
My mum bought me a black barbie doll,
I wanted a white one,
I cried and tried,
to convince her to buy me a white one,
 all in vain.
she gave me no reason,
and it remained like that.

I never used to take care of Barbie,
Never used to comb her hair,
 Or dress her up,
 until one day,
When I looked at her skin,
it was like mine,
her hair,
it was like mine,
 she was beautiful,
she was like me,
black in all aspects,
she had brown eyes,
red lips and was curvacious too,
 I realised how beautiful she was
and named her BEEBEE,

I started dressing her up,
combing her hair,
and marvelling at her beautiful black skin,
I once heard that,
The darker the berry,
the sweeter is is,
I kept her away from too much sun,
too much rain,
I took care of her,
I was so afraid,
She would start fading
and become white or light brown,
she would no longer be beautiful,
she would lose her originality,
she looked so like me,
but I was prettier,
my skin was darker,
more rich,
more beautiful.

If she could hear,
I wanted to boast,
of how I was more curvacious,
My skin was much richer,
 my eyes were bright brown,
I wanted to boast how,
I can work most night and day,
Multitask and still find time to play,
I wanted to boast of how
 I can speak my mother toungue
I can sing and dance,
I can dream and accomplish.
I wanted to boast aboutall this,
but she couldnt hear,
she was just but a plastic doll,
A beautiful black plastic barbie doll,
Her name was BEEBEE

I'm grown now,
I'm woman now,
I see now,
What mama tried to teach me in silence,
Why she refused to buy me,
the white barbie,
it taught me much,
am so in-love with myself now,
because I related with BEEBEE back then,
learnt my worth,
realised my beauty,
inside and outside,
I bet they were talking about me when they said,
the darker the berry,
the sweeter it is.

Monday, 11 February 2013


She did not choose to be sick,
to be admitted in that hospital,
to be in pain that wont go away,
to live a life in that wheel chair.

He did not choose to be blind,
to use that walking stick,
to not see light,
Or the bright morning sun,
and the colours of the rainbow,
the Thika super-highway,
Or the famous Niagra falls.

He did not choose to sleep hungry,
to miss meals,
to see his daughter sleep hungry,
His wife somehow angry,
at the world so unfair,
NO, he didn't choose.

She did not choose to be orphan,
not to have a mum she can make proud,
not to have a daddy she can run to,
if she could,
she could turn back time,
and death would not snatch them from her,
she could talk to angel of death,
convince him to let them live.

She did not choose to get rained on,
to sleep outside on,
verandahs in town,
sha had no option,
the streets are her only home,
She has known all her life,
She would love to sleep in a house,
a place to call home,
Oh yes she would.

He did not choose to be born,
 without both hands,
without both feet,
with a condition of the heart,
that makes him hurt,
because he has forever been,
On some medication.
NO, he didn't choose.

He did not choose,
 to get an accident,
that left him completely paralysed,
that he can't move or talk,
he can't play or walk,
He can't run or jog,
NO, he didn't choose,

But YOU,
have a  house, a home,
You probably have a mum and dad,
what will it take to appreciate them,
 and be greatful they are alive??
You have eyes,
You can read a poem,
See sun shine,
See rainbow,
Watch movie,
It's not just ordinary,
It's miracle.

Do you give thanks,
for the little thing you have??
Do you take time to notice,
how blessed you are??
Do you give thanks,
because you have ten fingers???
Someone out there has none,
 and don't just assume,
 it can't happen to you too.

Do you give thanks because,
you can breath with ease??
Someone out there has been in hospital,
the last 8 months,
WHY?? Because they can't breath,
that biological act you probably take for granted,

Do you thank God because,
 you have eye-brows and eye-lashes??
Finger-nails and hair??
Do you realize that someone out there doesn't??

Don't just take it for granted
Be a blessing to those who didn't have a choice,
We are in this journey together,
Every day IS a miracle,
This is a reminder,
Never take anything for granted.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

It's Your Choice

Whether you hate or love Mondays,
It's all in the mind,
This week choose to take
advantage of the power of your mind,
choose to see the cup half full,
choose to see a star in every scar,
choose to love hating hurts,
choose to help someone in need,
to bring out the best in some-one,choose to be happy,
... choose to pray and seek God,
choose to be calm when
they try to make u angry,
You have that power.
It's all just a matter of CHOICE:)

For The Sake of Poetry

That feeling you get,
When it rains & you 
that feeling you feel,
when you want to write
but you want to give up
cuz nothing  at all
is good enough not at 
to be put on that sheet 
of paper.

That feeling you get,
when no word in your 
Brings about a 
beautiful rhyme,
staying up late,
like you got late
for a date,
and its too late,
to go back and not be 
so you stay up late,
like trying to fix a 
broken past,
it's impossible like you cant 
count dust
its impossible it's past
its gone it is past.

staying up late
for the sake of paper 
and pen,
for the sake of poetry,
just to write and feel it,
that sense of 
that you are a poet too,
Like those great poets 
you read of.

Staying up late,
for the sake of Poetry.