My kind of Saturday

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My kind of dawn

It was dawn,
Probably around 4am,
I was in my bedroom and I was woken up by gunshots,
I was woken up by the sound of men singing and running,
These men were running towards our hut,
I was terrified so I woke up and told my husband to wake up,
He was tired from farming all day the previous day,
I was terrified so I told my three children to get up,
They were all in deep sleep, it was exam week and it usually made them very tired,
Before I even got to my oldest child's room,
I heard a man in a loud voice hit my door Bum! Bum! Bum!
"Open up or I will set this structure on fire!"

My husband was wide awake,
He did not hesitate to open up the door,
Immediately he did, they shot him, not once, not twice but 8 times on his chest,
I fainted and the next time I woke up,
I was in a thatched house,
Young men staring at me and asking me how it felt,
To wake up in a new place,
A place away from my village,
"Where are my children?" I asked.

The smell of rotten meat hit me,

72 + 24

Sometimes I have so many thoughts in my mind,
Sometimes I want to express everything,
All at once...sometimes I think that if I was a painter maybe..
I would draw all my feelings and..
Probably explain how I feel in one glance,
But I am a poet,
The only way out is poetry,

How then do you explain 72 + 24 hours of productivity,
72 + 24 hours of staring at your laptop and doing nothing really related to your ultimate goal,
Then sinking into what I like to think is temporary depression when it's too late to fix anything,
 Too late to beat the deadlines as they already passed.

 Do you ever know what exactly you need to do?
How you need to do it but nothing inside you really wants to do it?
Not to say it is not important,
If anything, it is what you need and must be doing,
When there's simply no motivation at all,
I hate to call myself lazy but is this what lazy is?
But God knows, I have giant dreams and I take steps towards them,
 I am such a go-getter it scares me at times and I..


"Is there a chance I could die from a broken heart?" She asked.
"Is there a chance I could drown in my tears and never wake up?"
"Is there a chance that the redness in my eyes could make me go blind or that I could choke from my clogged up throat due to the tears I cry?"
The doctor seemed to be filling up some forms, paying little attention to her while she desperately leaned towards him, seeking to find answers from this older trained physician.
"The pain I feel is physical, is there a chance that you have pills for this?
"Is there a chance that I could get burns from the heat in my mind, from the raging thoughts in my mind?" She asked, tears streaming down her cheeks as she walked towards the door to close it properly just so no nurse got in.
"Is there a chance that my heart will stop because of the trauma from loving someone who never loved me back?"
Finally, the doctor was done and he sat down, pulled out an old book,
a yellow highlig…


Fell in love with a nurse, She wanted to kiss him but, He said his mouth was dirty and, She would get sick if she did.
Fell in love with a nurse, He told her about the sleep cycle so, She started sleeping less and, She would wake up tired but fine.


She stayed away for a reason,She knew this would happen, She did not want this season, To come by because she knew all too well, What becomes of her when she takes the chance.
She stayed away for a reason, She saw the fire in his eyes, She let it consume her for just a while, But lit off with her frozen thoughts,
She stayed away for a reason, She knew that if she fell, There was no way to recovery, If a way existed, it would take away everything,
She stayed away for a reason, She knew too well she was vulnerable, She knew she would be completely unable, To go back to being composed, In charge and in control,
She stayed away for a reason, But it was not too long before that season came, When she did not want to stay away, She wanted to stay around, but he stayed away instead, He had conquered.


Pause just a bit my heart,
Wait for him to make a move.,
wait for him to take a look,
wait for him to look at you,

Pause just a bit my heart,
Don't fall for him just yet,
Don't think he cares just yet,
Don't expect anything just yet.

Pause just a bit my heart,
Observe, learn and understand,
His ways, the things he cannot stand,
His eyes, on what do they land?
His soul, what does it yearn?